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State-of-the-Art Hosting Facilities

The scale of the Leviathan facilities gives miners the top competitive edge in the bitcoin mining industry.

Maximum Capacity
300 MW
Annual Hours
Jobs Created

Highly experienced engineering team

We have a large team of engineers specialized in electrical, IoT, on-perm application scaling and infrastructure. Copious experience in large data center deployments and operations.


The local community

At Leviathan, we aim to benefit the communities in which our facilities are situated by generating employment, reducing energy consumption, and offering decentralized banking options. Our operational objectives revolve around creating a favorable impact on the surrounding areas.

Road Intersection

Drawing power from the 600 MW large hydropower station

The hydropower station has been completed with a total investment of 1.7 billion US dollars, taking advantage of the stable discharge of the White Nile, the power station can generate an extraordinary 7,500 hours of electricity per year at full capacity. Right now, the peak national power demand is about 860 megawatts. With the completion of the project, the power generation capacity in the region is nearly 2 times greater than the demand at 2200 MW.


Close to the country's largest electricity hub

One of the laregest hub in East Africa has been built to support the dam, which is adjacent to the park's land. In addition, we have exclusive right to access the power station at this location for crypto mining.

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