Meet Leviathan Team

Executive team at Leviathan will help you achieve your goal.


Leviathan project leader, received by the President of the country.

Founder: Mingqian (Tony) Sun


Over 20 years of investment and asset management experience.

Founding Partner: Jianhui (Joseph) Wang


With more than 15 years of experience in finance and has worked for a well-known IR management company.

General Manager: Yin Wang


Deeply involved in the investment and operation of renewable energy power plants

Partner: Jiyao Wang

ESG: Environment

With the controversies surrounding the energy consumption for crypto mining and an increasing call for the industry to practise ESG standards, crypto-mining renewable energy is the trend of the times. The proportion of global crypto-mining using renewable energy currently sits at around 57%. Among renewable energy, solar and wind power are unstable, and hydropower is the best power solution.


ESG: Social

In addition to creating hundreds of local employment opportunities, Leviathan facilities enhance the local infrastructure, which has the potential to empower many under developed communities. Off-taking of stranded hydropower can greatly benefit the local grid so the local communities are supplied with sustainable electricity at afforable cost.

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ESG: Governance

Leviathan has always put ethical practices in the first place. We have established oversight board and actively work with risk management teams to ensure ethical operation. We have developed and implemented corporate governance policies and procedures to promote transparency and accountability in Leviathan.